This blog is for those of us that want to have more joy, less inner turmoil, better health and more love to give to our family, friends and the world. We can do it without drugs, physical torture, or mental platitudes. We can do it simply while sitting down, whereby the only thing we move around is our attention. We can become our best selves without spending money. We can become a powerhouse of love.


“Gandhi was probably the first person in history to lift the love ethic of Jesus above mere interaction between individuals to a powerful and effective social force on a large scale. Love for Gandhi was a potent instrument for social and collective transformation.”   Martin Luther King Jr. had his kundalini awakened.

“The power of love is potentially transformative and when expressed is kinetic. Transformation occurs because of love’s movement. Through the power of love, the universe is both effected and perfected.” Mohandas K. Gandhi had his kundalini awakened.

“You have to create a world of people who love each other, for nothing. Not for money, not for positions, nor for beauty, not for sex. Only for love’s sake.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi/The Great Mother had her kundalini awakened.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things we do to each other in the name of hatred…and the lengths we’ll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save the world.”

Read on. It’s easy to increase the strength of your love.

Rainbow photo by james-wheeler-1127087-unsplash