It Takes A Mother reveals an exalted solution to worldly problems disguised in a novel to inspire the reader with an up-close, insider’s view. Set in the tumultuous civil rights era of the 1960’s, the story follows Silvia, a young mother whose personal life is shattered while fulfilling her mission to battle for racial justice. Family alienation, attempted rape, life threatening disease and failed relationships lead her to finally realize not only America’s but her own soul must be saved. With this shift, an extraordinarily enlightened Mother comes to her rescue and triggers a miraculous awakening. Equipped with higher sensory abilities, Silvia is asked to join a team of Native Americans who want to rid themselves from lifetimes of racial abuse. But on the reservation, Silvia is overjoyed to find a community of soul mates where human compassion dominates despite poverty and lack of material comforts. That joy spills over into her other world and leads to an exquisite outcome. It Takes A Mother is an unexpected trip into the human soul that demystifies ancient spiritual knowledge and empowers the reader with universal truth and a practical way to put it to use.

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