Most of us white people are finally saying, “enough is enough”. We now have a chance to make a major contribution to ending racism. Here’s some ideas of how we can wipe out this enemy of our soul.

One good way is to avoid our usual course of action; i.e. looking for racism in others. The police; the White Supremacists, the Clans, the Nazis. Those are the extremes. Racism based on a misguided belief in white superiority.

It’s the subtle stuff lurking inside of us that we want to search out and destroy. While many of us don’t believe we house racist attitudes, just in case, it won’t hurt to do a bit of checking.

Do we make eye contact with dark skinned people as easily as we do whites? Do we have an emotional reaction when we see a person of color? Fear of the unknown? Feeling sorry for them? Slightly condescending?

Do we have deep, long lasting friendships with blacks? If not, why not?

Maybe some of us don’t have black friends because none of our neighbors are black. Or we’re shy about inviting black colleagues from work over for dinner. Maybe our desire for these friendships isn’t strong enough to find clubs, or churches, or issue groups in black neighborhoods to join. If not, why not?

We white people may not excel at researching inside ourselves for attitudes and behaviors we want to get rid of. It’s called self-regulation and it’s the only way and the best way to purge inner junk. It’s amazing that when we shine the light of our attention on our own bad stuff it automatically gets deleted.

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Photo by John Bakator via Unsplash