This Divine Mother Knows How to End Racism – Forever! She figured out a way to awaken the super-charged pure energy that lies inside our sacrum bones that obliterates negativity inside, be it physical, mental or emotional.

So powerful is this force, impure attitudes like prejudice, bigotry, and racialism are obliterated on contact.

Furthermore, She said, “The awakening of this force is the inevitable next step in our evolution. We will transform from human to spiritual beings.”

Many people have the desire to evolve into their higher selves. But terrorists, neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, Klansmen and those with more subtle racial prejudice won’t be seeking the self-realization. Not to worry. This super-energy is highly contagious. Once a critical mass of people become enlightened with it, the force radiated into the atmosphere will work like the hundredth monkey syndrome, and become a universal characteristic.

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