Has it become an either/or in America?

So, how do We the People define morality?

The Evangelists say they chose morality when they voted because Trump is the ‘Chosen One’ and is filling the Supreme Court with moral anti-abortion justices. Business people say they voted for Trump because their too high taxes and heavy government regulations kept them from their moral duty of creating more and better jobs. White supremacists say they chose morality because Trump supported their quest to purify their race. Low income people say they voted for Trump because poverty is immoral and they believed he would help them gain more income. All these Americans believe they have the moral high ground.

Then there are those that did not vote for Trump because they believe America cannot have a president who lies, only loves some of the people, supports authoritarian foreign leaders, sports an authoritarian management style himself, publicly degrades anyone who disagrees with his policies, hides the truth about his financial contributions to tax revenues and puts his own business and election interests above the people’s. These Americans believe those are the qualities that comprise immorality and that they have the moral high ground.

Then there is the press and media. Some believe they are saving American from a tyrant and others believe they are saving America from the far left. All believe they have the moral high ground.

So We the People find ourselves on the same level in terms of morality. And we know we’re wired with the same inner conscious and the same life-force energy that pumps each of our hearts. So how do we get rid of the disease causing anger or upset we have against those we think have wrong views of morality?

To forgive someone doesn’t mean their view of morality is correct. What forgiveness does is clear away the negativity that jams up the healthy flow of blood, water, and oxygen inside ourselves.

If We the People can genuinely forgive anyone and everyone who has a view of morality different from ours, the balance between our mental, physical and emotional selves will be restored. Wrongdoers who are forgiven can then be disciplined within a healthier, more just society. We can disagree and penalize, if necessary, with honor.

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash