He would inject a force of positive energy into the atmosphere so powerful that hate, anger and depression would be power-washed away from our inner-selves. All of us would be blasted – mothers, fathers, children, democrats, republicans, independents, white supremacists, religious fundamentalists, power seekers, billionaires, poor people, middle income, black, white, red, bronze, citizens, immigrants, refugees, presidents, governors, legislators, mayors, workers, unemployed, executives, volunteers, homeless, sick, healthy – everyone everywhere. Slowly, but surely, we would all emerge free from any mistaken beliefs, diseases, and other walls of negativity that block the flow of love between us.

Jesus was filled with spiritual energy to a near nuclear level so his vibrations healed and enriched people more powerfully than his words. We all have some of that same power inside. So, regardless of whether or not we believe in Jesus, if we fit into anyone of the above categories, we the people, can collectively become a mighty force of positive energy.

All of us began as infants with the physical quality of pure innocence. As we grew, maybe our innocence got clouded over with sludge. Most of us think we ‘lost’ our innocence by doing bad things or what some call ‘sins’.

The great news is: no matter what bad things we’ve done, knowingly or unknowingly, the quality of innocence can never be destroyed!

Innocence can not be destroyed because it is a primary physical component – like a chemical element – of the spiritual energy we have inside (if we are alive). Our life force or spirit is comprised of 100% pure unconditional love.

So even if people label us ‘terrorists’, liberals, conservatives, racists, narcissists, felons, rapists, #@$&*! bleepity-bleep, we all still have 100% pure unconditional love inside. We have our innocence.

We can use it to first, heal ourselves. Simply put loving attention inside ourselves for 10 minutes 2 x per day. Once our self-love is beginning to be restored or strengthened, we can put that same loving attention on any of the groups named above for 10 minutes 2 x per day. Slowly, but surely, almighty love will pour over the nation and drown us in happiness. And we will all live happily ever after. As easy as that!

If this method of healing the nation seems too ridiculous to even be attempted, try it anyway. Just think of someone or something you love a lot, and once you feel it, use your attention to laser that love into your body first. Next, use the same technique to laser love into whoever you think needs it. Do this for about 10 minutes, twice a day, every day, until you see some progress. You’ll be astounded.

P. S. Just for the record, this blogger also worships the founders and truthful aspects of all the great religions.

P. S. S. Also for the record, this blogger recognizes that evil does exist and cannot be transformed by us. Better to leave their demise to a Higher Power.