Of course you would. So did God. We have a built-in a mechanism that enables us to return to good health when we go off the rails.

So where is it? How come we don’t know about it?

The truth is even tho knowledge about it has been available since ancient times through spiritual masters, science hasn’t discovered it yet. Hope is alive that science and the spiritual realm will get on the same page now that traditional medicine has integrated with physics and biochemistry and discovered, for example, DNA.*

But we don’t have to wait for science. There are those among us who discovered the healing mechanism inside ourselves and have used it successfully for decades. We can safely share it with you since it can’t be activated against your will and there are no dangerous side effects.

What is the Human Healing Mechanism?

An overview is best described by a famous physicist: ” It is…a living process by which we can effectively attain a concrete connection with our inner, infinite divine or spiritual dimension. It is a living experience and not a framework of concepts, ideas and methods that can be absorbed through our mind. It is something that reaches far beyond the limits of our intellect. Nevertheless, we have absolute control of it, precisely in the same way as in a scientific experiment.”**

How Does it Work?

Our healing mechanism is a complex of elements which are easy to use. It begins with a catalyst; the awakening of an energy system put into our sacrum bone when we were in the womb, as were all our other organs and plexuses. This intelligent healing power (called kundalini in Sanskrit) defies gravity as it travels upwards through our central nervous system clearing out negativity and nourishing our cells. It doesn’t stop at our brain, but passes through our skull to connect with the all-pervading energy that surrounds. This begins our journey of self-realization. Through daily 10-minute meditations using the kundalini, we learn to diagnose and clear away problems. We learn to ‘read’ the vibrations emitted from the constant motion of the atoms and molecules within our cells. As the vibratory rates of our cells increase with positive energy, the clumps of negativity that cause disease and/or ineffective behavioral patterns, are obliterated. This purification of our central nervous system increases our magnetism and improves our well-being, our relationships, our contentment and our joy. Our real selves gradually emerge as our spiritual qualities are freed from the tarnish of negativity.

Who Can Access this Mechanism?

Children, teenagers, adults, elderly…all income levels…those with no income…all languages…all religions…atheists…agnostics…well people…sick people…addicts…’good’ people…’sinners.’ Anyone and everyone who wants to get their human instrument working better.

How Do I Access It?

The mechansim can be learned through Sahaja Yoga Meditation which is always free. Money cannot be charged for birthright information that is genuine since it enlightens and upgrades society. The best way is to get the experience from live practitioners, who will also show you how to use it. And once you have learned it, you can pass it on to others.

Public sessions can be found in most major cities and suburbs through https://www.meetup.com. You can also get started on line at https://www.sahajameditation.com/meditate-now. If you have any problems finding a class, please leave a comment on this blog and I’ll make sure you get what you need.

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