The Lincoln Bedroom in the White House has a reputation of housing the ghost of President Lincoln. Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower claimed they felt his powerful presence in the room. Eleanor Roosevelt said she’d get a feeling someone was standing behind her when she worked at her desk in the room at night. Rumors were that Winston Churchill had a Lincoln sighting while sleeping there and Ronald Reagan’s dog would bark outside the room but never enter. White House maids and butlers swore they saw Lincoln’s ghost. **

What if President Trump, desperate for advice from someone whose honesty he could trust, entered the famous bedroom at night and asked President Lincoln to come forward. Lincoln would oblige and the dialogue between the two presidents might go as follows:

Donald: “Abe, you’ve been dead for 150 years yet most people still love you. How did you pull this off? Who was your PR man?”

Abe: ” I went high. God was my advisor.”

Donald: “God? But I heard you never went to church?”

Abe: “My religion is an inside thing. When I do good, I feel good and thank Him; when I do bad, I feel bad and ask Him for forgiveness.”

Donald: “That’s it? I feel good about everything I do. But another question. You got re-elected in the middle of a horrible war; how in hell did you do that?”

Abe: “Oh, I see. You called me in because you’re worried about the election. The truth is I didn’t campaign. . . too busy with the necessity of that war. It wasn’t until I died that I was told what was different about me. It seems I had extra spiritual powers active inside of me.

Donald: “What? That’s it! You mesmerize people…made them love you. That’s great! Exactly what I need before 2020. So how do I get this power? I’ll do anything. I’ll pray. I’ll even ask for forgiveness if I make any mistakes.

Abe hid a smile. “Anything? Okay Donald, I’ll be honest with you. If you want the voters, the press, and some democrats to support you, you need to support them. Not just say you like them, but really feel it inside. The people are not as dumb as you think.”

Donald: “You’ve gotta be kidding. No way will I ever love the fake news and the crooked democrats. Just get me that power!

Abe, with a sigh, put his hand on Donald’s shoulder like a compassionate father giving his wayward son bad news. “You’re not ready to handle this power. “

Donald jumped out of his chair. “For Christ sake, I’m 70 years old and very smart. I can handle anything! Give it to me now!”

Abe’s piercing look cowed Donald back into his seat. “Listen carefully, Donald. This power brings about serious transformation. You’ll become nicer, more apt to see the good in everyone…even your enemies. Your inner spirit will dominate and you’ll be filled with love for all mankind. You’ll learn how to be balanced; not too aggressive nor too emotional, but centered. Your ego will shrink. You’ll want to make decisions that are for the benevolence of all the people.”

Donald went quiet. After some minutes he paced around while he spoke. “That explains why you were so loved. Did any other presidents have it?

Abe: “George Washington; he was self-realized. None other so far.

Donald: “What if I get this power and turn into a whimp?”

Abe roared with laughter, caught his breath, then spoke with pity in his voice. “Any leader that doesn’t know the world’s most powerful force is love, is a fool’s buffoon.” His eyes twinkled as he began to fade into a vapory form.

Donald: “Wait! Don’t go! I’m not finished yet. Please Abe …

Before he vanished, President Lincoln turned and saluted farewell to President Trump.

**Excerpts from R.J. Norton’s Abraham Lincoln’s Research Site, 1998-2019 Note: While he was President, Lincoln used the room as his office.