The first time my attention went above my thoughts, it was as if heaven had come down to earth. The talk radio that ran 24/7 inside my head was on mute. The silence put me into paradise – a state so deeply relaxed and joyful it was beyond belief. Yet this happened without alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or prescription drugs, many of which I had used in my past attempts to find inner peace. My mind wasn’t quieted due to therapy – although I’d tried a lot of that. Nor was it due to Mindfulness, nor Tai Chi, nor Kriya Yoga, all of which had been tested.

My inner peace came from a newly awakened energy system that had been coiled asleep inside my sacrum bone since I was in the womb. From that initial surge of brand-new energy, I knew I had something inside myself I could use anytime I had time. I could re-create that state of inner peace. So simple, so easy to use and best yet, independent of any middle-man. No clergy, no priest, no pope, no teacher, no guru. I didn’t even have to believe in any religion. I’d found the natural ‘church’ and it was inside. Totally organic. A miraculous discovery.

The good news is that every human is equipped with this energy. Usually it’s in a dormant stage at birth. Information about it was hinted at in ancient writings, more than 14,000 years ago. It wasn’t until 1970 that the knowledge of how to awaken and use it was made public by a Divine Mother* who took the time and trouble, even going through medical school, to figure out the words and methods to use so even small children can understand and evolve to a higher, healthier state of being. She named her program Sahaja Yoga Meditation and it is always given free of charge. It’s our birthright!

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