We get suspicious when we see something offered for free. Maybe a ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ in the grocery store is okay. But free meditation programs? Must be worthless. They could be trying to lure us in until we’re hooked. Then, whammy! They could slam us with a big price as soon as we’re drooling for the meat.

On the other hand, our birth mother never charged us one thin dime when she facilitated the launch of our heart pumps. Nor when our lungs took their first breath. Even our digestive system operates free of cost. So to charge us money to activate energy we already own smells like a con. A bad deal. Only a dishonest shyster ‘guru’ would charge money to teach meditation or give mantras.

Moses never charged for the ten commandments. Nor did Mohammad collect money for his teachings. And imagine Jesus charging for the Sermon on the Mount?

We, the people, could be drifting into a money orientation trap when we think because something is expensive it must be of good quality. Or worse yet, because someone is wealthy they must be very wise, or at least, intelligent enough to lead us.

So, how do we get out of this money rules trap? When our kundalini is awakened, our attention becomes enlightened. Then we can simply watch what guides our attitudes and the choices we make when we buy stuff. If we catch ourselves doing something we wish we were not, like deleting a paragraph on the word processor, our enlightened energy zaps it away. Then, we move on. Little by little, change becomes as easy as that.

***All the people in this photo practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation. They have their self-realization or kundalini awakened and those are the vibrations that flow as a result!