The energy that is awakened when you begin your journey of self-realization is pure, unconditional love; like a mother’s love. And, like a mother, her job is to nurture you. To clean you. To protect you. To embrace you with physical tenderness and affection.

Once you have received the awakening, it will be the first time you have this energy, this force of unconditional love, active on the inside. The difference between the love you got from your birth mother, who was doing all those things described above, is that it was given to you from the outside. That was indeed a lovely beginning to our lives. So, when your kundalini is awakened, you will be twice blessed. But this time the nurturing, the cleaning, the protection, and the physical tenderness is happening INSIDE of you.

This incredibly loving force inside will gradually bring you from re-birth and infancy to the realization that you have fallen in love—or better said, been up-thrusted in love—with none other than yourself. This romance will give you contentment so deep and so full it will put every organ, every plexus, every cell in your body at ease. It will saturate your heart and your brain with a steady supply of  feel-good chemicals, like dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine. Joy and bliss will become your most-often state of being.

Your kundalini, your internal Mother— these powerful strands of unconditional love that are now active—connect you to your Real Self. You and your spirit  will become fully, totally, absolutely one and the same. It is the greatest spiritual revolution ever. You will become your spirit.

You will evolve from human being to spiritual being.

How does She do this?

 Removal of negativity inside your body will slowly, but surely enable the divine qualities of your spirit to shine through. For example, worry about anything—love, money, disease, death—is not a quality of the spirit. Worry takes you away from your spirit and smothers your joy.  Worse yet, worry dumps negativity inside. It collides into our organs. It smashes into our nerves.  It can cause serious damage.

With the help of your kundalini, the worry way of thinking will gradually disappear through 10 minutes of meditation a couple of times a day. Gradually the paths in the thinking that leads to worry will be smoothed over; erased.  

She is able to remove some negativity each time you achieve the state called thoughtless awareness (meditation). At that moment, the all pervading divine energy outside, connects with your divine energy (kundalini) inside, and eureka! A bit more of your negativity bites the dust. It’s terminated. Zapped away.  

Will You Become  Pious, Sanctimonious and Boring; Holier-than-Thou?

The qualities of the spirit are none of the above. In fact, if you are not joyful, humble, and nonjudgmental, it’s because your connection to the divine WI-fi, is lost.

The fundamental quality of your real self is innocence. The type you had at birth and as a small child. Like, when any of us look at a new born baby, what is the universal feeling? It’s love. Pure, simple, powerful innocent love. The good news is you still have it; it can never be destroyed. It can be clouded over with negativity, but it doesn’t matter what bad or even evil behavior has gone on, that quality of innocence can never be destroyed. Meditation little-by-little, can remove all the clouds.

In addition to innocence, the spirit is filled with inspiration in all the arts, is a master-level learner and teacher, has compassion for all living things, is a divine communicator,  loves collectivity, and forgives quickly and easily.  Who wouldn’t want those qualities?

Photograph by cropped-gwen-weustink-95871-unsplash-love.jpg